Vella's Luxury Rentals /Rent A Wig FAQ

                          Whats included with my rental cost?
Every Rental covers your daily rate, cleaning fee and return shipping label
                                               What is Rent A Wig?
We provide luxury wig rentals for all occasions. Our fully customized wigs are ready to wear, offering customers a selection ranging from elegant to fantasy styles.
                                         Can I restyle my Wig  Rental?

 Absolutely you can restyle your rental.All of are units are 100%  Human Hair both Virgin and Raw Hair. Please note Customers are not permitted to alter the wig for cutting, coloring, or changing the hair texture.  With Your Rental you will receive instruction cards with product recommendations, Styling tools temperature settings and more. 

                                     Can I add Heat to My Wig Rental ? 
You are able to flat iron and curl your wig. It is recommended that your hot tool stays under 350 degrees. For Custom color and 613 wigs, the styling tool heat should not exceed 300 degrees. 
                                   How Should I maintain my Wig Rental? 
Place rental in storage bag when not in use before bed or when not being worn to help maintain style
                                        What type of wigs are available ?
           We provide a variety of glueless closure wigs available for rental.
                                       How should i install my wig?
Our wigs are all glueless, eliminating the need for any adhesive. For a secure fit, consider using spray adhesives on the lace. Explore our list of recommended products or add a Wig Essentials kit to your rental package.
                Are Wig Caps Required when wearing my Rental?
 It is essential to wear the wig cap throughout your rental period to prevent direct contact between your hair and the cap.
                                       Can I pick up my rental?
We are based in Midtown Atlanta, GA! Our services include same-day pickup, in-person consultations, and wig try-ons. If you can't visit us for an in-person consultation or try-on, we also offer a virtual option. Just visit our website at to book a virtual fitting room experience.
                                        Can my rental be mailed to me?
Yes, we ship out rentals! please note that your rental starts once your rental is delivered .
                                    How do i return the rented wig?

We offer both mail in option and in store drop off. Please place your wig in the designated return laundry bag. Refer to the return pamphlet for instructions: put your wig in the laundry bag, then use the provided return label and mailer. Seal your rental in the mailer and attach the label sticker to the package. Remember to get a package receipt or arrange for a pickup at your front door.

           Should i get a receipt from the post office upon return?
  Certainly! This will benefit both parties. Your rental agreement concludes once your package is scanned at the post office.
             Does Mail Transit Time included in my rental reservation?
  Consumers are not held responsible for transit time. Your rental starts once your rental wig is signed for and marked as delivered. Returns are closed when the return is scanned in at drop off or picked up by the postal service.
                         What if I return my wig late?
Customers will receive reminders before the return deadline via text or email. Late returns will incur a daily charge of $125 per day if the package is not scanned by the postal service the following day after your rental . Please note that we do not charge for shipping transit time.
             Do I receive a grace period for my rental return?
  Once your rental is over, it is required to return your wig the very next business day.
                                                  Additional Fees?
  Please note that upon return and inspection you will be sent a inspection list that will detail the condition in which your rental was returned in. if any damages or fees are charged you please refer to rental return checklist which will include detailed photos and descriptions.
                                                     Cleaning Fees?
Required cleaning and sanitation package is included with your rental. Upon return of the rental if any additional cleaning is required you will be charged a cleaning fee.
                                            Is my deposit refundable ?
  Yes! Your deposit is fully refundable upon return. Please note that each wig undergoes a return inspection. Once you receive your results, you will be automatically refunded, if there are no damages.
                                         What is a return inspection ?
Please allow up to 1-2 business days for deposit refund after inspection. Once inspection is completed, you will receive a detailed email. Please allow your financial institution processing days to reflect refund.
                                   Do you OFFER WIG INSTALLS ?
Yes! We offer additional services as add ons to your rental. One of our licensed hairstylist can install and remove your rental.
                           What if i don't like my rental?
Upon delivery and signature, a 1-hour grace period is provided to request an exchange. The rental must be scanned by the post office on the same day for shipping of the new rental. Failure to ship the item on the same day will result in the exchange not being accepted. Refunds are not available unless there is an issue on our end.
                       How Are  the wigs Cleaned and Sanitized?

After receiving all units, we perform a thorough inspection using pictures and video documentation. This process follows a stringent checklist of standards tailored specifically for you.

At Vella B’s Extensions, we prioritize sanitation. Every wig undergoes a thorough cleaning and sanitation process before being shipped out. Here's an overview of our sanitation procedure: click link to view a live video of our sanitation process

 Upon the return of your wigs, immediately place them inside the provided laundry bag for our licensed professionals to handle.

  • Each wig undergoes thorough cleansing multiple times, including deep cleansing shampoo, lice prevention shampoo, and botanical hospital-grade products.
  • Additionally, we provide steam treatment to eliminate all bacteria and potential contaminants.
  • Finally, each wig undergoes an individual inspection to ensure the highest quality and cleanliness before being sent to you.
                              Can I purchase my rental wig?
We can create a personalized version of your rental. Visit Vella B’s online store for extensions, choose a custom wig, and have your rental wig tailored exclusively for you. For more information, please reach out to us via email at
                                       Are there any late Fees?
  We will send reminders up to 3 reminders before the return deadline via text and email. Late returns will incur a daily charge of $125 per day if the package is not scanned by the postal service the following day after your rental . Please note that we do not charge for shipping transit time.
                                                 Damage Fees?

Damage fees include but are not limited to lace, bundles, texture, hair length, damage to cap, band, or dismemberment of the wig in any manner.


**Closure Damage** requiring closure replacement, which covers holes, rips, mold, and permanent stains. $100

**Reconstruction fee** of $250 if our wigs necessitate reconstruction due to tears, holes, mold, and similar damages.

**Additional Cleaning fee** of $150 which will include but not limited to foul smells that can not be removed with intense/ additional cleaning. 

**Damaged beyond repair** - No refund of deposit/full price for the wig.

If wigs are damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, the customer will be charged the full price of the wig.

**Unrepairable** refers to wigs that cannot be salvaged or reused. In such cases, customers will be charged the full price, and the wig will be discarded. This category includes wigs with mold, lice, or fungus, as well as wigs that are irreparable due to cutting, tearing, ripping, and color change

                   How do i ensure my wig rental  arrives on time?
We suggest submitting your order in enough time for shipment. For your convenience we offer Express Shipping , to ensure your rental arrives express please submit order by 12pm EST. We are not responsible to post office delays and missed deliveries. 
                                       How much are the deposits ?
Please note that deposits vary based on the value of the wig. Refundable Deposits start at $250
                               What is  the rental process?
       Customers need to complete our Rental Agreement and ID verification          process before their Rental can be shipped or available for pickup. To  Ensure Secure Transactions with ID Verification for In-Person Pickup.


                         What if i don't pass the ID verification?
           Regrettably, for security reasons we must cancel your order.
                                    Can I Cancel my order?

Upon signing your contact, orders cannot be cancelled; if you wish to not fulfill your order, a store credit will be issued.

                                          Can I extend my Rental?       

The rental extension policy is subject to availability. To request an extension of your rental, it is necessary to submit inquiries at least 12 hours prior to the scheduled return. Please send an email to Upon approval of your request, an invoice will be sent to you, which must be settled within 2 hours. Failure to do so will result in the rental being due on the original return date and time.