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Pretti By Patti Edge Control Wholesale

Pretti By Patti Edge Control Wholesale

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Firm hold edge control for all hair types.


Add our firm hold edge control to any hair type ( Clean hair) add edge scarf and allow to dry completely. Edges will last up to 24 hours.

Reactivate by wiping edges/ hair clean by using water and reapply.

BEST Results are always when hair is wiped cleaned before use. This prevents hair from turning white due to build up.

Care Instructions

                                              Hair Care Tips

Co washing hair before install is highly recommended. 

Curly Textures 

  • Apply conditioner and comb through hair with wide tooth comb, Remember to ALWAYS brush/comb starting at the ends and work your way up to roots/base.
  • Detangle in small sections with a Denman ( or similar brand) is highly recommended.
  • Do Not Massage hair
  • For Hydration leave conditioner in for approx. 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Using your hands scrunch hair gently
  • Apply dime size of Alcohol Free serum
  • Let hair air dry
  • Do NOT use oil products or excessive excessively as it may cause matting
  • DO NOT brush through hair when dry ( will cause frizz and tangling)
  • Fill Spray Bottle with Water and dime size of conditioner, spray air and brush with Denman brush Daily 
  • RECCOMMENDED Products ARE: PUROLOGY Hydrate conditioner
  • For Kinky curly Collection: Long Aid curl activator


Straight, 613 and Body Wave

  • Shampoo hair using sulfate free shampoo  and comb using a wide tooth comb 
  • Remember to ALWAYS brush/comb starting at the ends and work your way up to roots/base.
  • Rinse thoroughly 
  • Allow to air dry fully 
  • Install as desired 


Before Bed Care

  • Before bed comb hair with wide tooth comb from ends to base 
  • Twist or braid hair into sections and wear a silk bonnet
  • For Curly textures pull hair into "pineapple" and wrap scarf around edges and apply bonnet it desired 



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